Application Roles

This article describes the Application Control feature for company users of Kore. This feature is enabled by Kore enterprise administrators. For more information on enabling Application Control in the Enterprise Admin Console, see Managing Application Roles.

If you are a company Kore user, then the features that you can access on the Kore Messaging Platform will be limited to the features that you have been given access to by your company Kore enterprise administrators to include access control for:

  • Accessing Kore through one of the mobile, apps, or desktop browser channels.
  • Messaging
  • Teams
    • Create Teams 
    • Browse for Teams
  • Bots

For example, the following user was not given permissions to access the Kore app on a smartphone device.

 In the next example, the user does not have access to the Bots Platform.

You must contact your enterprise administrator to gain access to any feature that is not yet available to you.