Viewing your Space Billing History

On the Billing History page in the Kore space Billing module in the Space Admin Console , you can the history of your space transactions in chronological order, including links to your account invoices. As a Space Admin, you may want to review past billing data. This topic describes how to view your Kore historical transactions.

The following illustration is an example of the Billing History page in the space Billing module.

The following table describes the columns displayed in the Billing History of Payments table on the Billing History page.

Date The date of the invoice for your enterprise Kore account.
Transaction Details A summary title of the invoice, and a link to the invoice receipt.
Payments Payment information for the invoice to include:
  • Charge Type -The type of invoice payment or credit, for example, Credited, Discount Credits, Notify, Credit Card, and so forth.
  • Amount - The amount of the invoice transaction.
  • Discount Credits Balance - Remaining balance of credits after the invoice is processed.

An invoice for your enrolled Kore plan for your Kore account is generated on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the payment method defined. For more information, see Change the Space Payment Method.

The following image is an example of a Kore account invoice.

The following table describes the fields displayed on your Kore account invoice available on the Billing History page.

Billed To Name and address of the Kore account owner.
Issue Date The date and time of the invoice for your enterprise Kore account.
Payment Type The type of invoice payment as Payment, Redeem, or Refund.
Billing ID The Kore ID for the invoice based on the Issue Date of the invoice.
Account Type The type of Kore account as Enterprise or Individual.
Account ID The Kore account number.
Billing Transactions The description of the charge or credit for your Kore account, the number of days for the billing cycle, and number of users.
Invoice Breakdown The amount invoiced as:
  • Listed Price - The gross amount published for the transaction.
  • Amount Invoiced - The actual amount invoiced for your account before credits.
  • Available Discount Credits - The amount of discount credits available before this transaction.
  • Net Amount - The amount charged/refunded for this transaction after credits.
  • PLUS Application Taxes < Tax Percentage > - The amount of taxes charged/refunded for this transaction.
  • Total Charges - The total amount charged/refunded including taxes.
  • Remaining Discount Credits - The amount of remaining discounts after this transaction.
Payment Information The payment information related to the Total Charges as:
  • Total Amount Paid - The amount charged/refunded to the payment method type.
  • Payment Method - The type of payment method used for this transaction, such as EFT, ACH, credit card, etc.
  • Transaction ID - The Kore ID for this transaction based on the date timestamp.

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If you have a balance due for your Kore account, you may want to modify your payment settings. For more information, see Change the Space Payment Method.