Switch to a Free Kore Space Plan

If your space uses online billing for a Premium Kore Teams plan, you can switch to a Free plan, if desired. When you complete this procedure, all paid space Kore account privileges are removed and you remain as the space owner and Space Admin. Existing user accounts for your space members are still available with Free Kore account privileges for all users.

Space accounts with a Kore sales contract for prepaid user subscriptions must contact the sales representative to change the account to a Free Kore plan.

To switch to a Free Kore space plan

  1. In the Billing module on the Account Summary page in the Space Admin Console, in the Payment Method section, click Cancel Subscription.
  2. In the Cancel Subscription dialog, click Cancel my Subscription.

Note: If you are on an Annual Billing payment method, no credit is applied to your account. Instead, your account is scheduled to change to a Free account on the regular due date of your next Annual Billing payment.