Change Your Kore Plan for Online Billing

As the Enterprise Admin, you may want to change your Kore plan, for example, from a Free plan to a Premium plan to take advantage of the added features and control of users and messages. This topic describes how to upgrade your current online billing Kore plan.

You can change from a paid plan to a free plan, if desired. For more information, see Switch to a Free Kore Plan.

If you have a free account, you can switch to a paid plan. For more information see, Upgrading From a Free Kore Plan using Online Billing

  1. In the Billing module on the Account Summary page in the Enterprise Admin Console, in the Modify Subscription section, select one of the following plans:
    • Premium with Monthly Billing
    • Premium with Annual Billing
  2. In the Modify Subscription dialog, click Update Subscription.

The payment information is immediately updated to show any changes in monthly or annual payment.