View Your Space Account Summary - Online Billing

On the Account Summary page in the space Billing module in the Kore Space Admin Console, you can view and modify information about your Kore account. You can view the space Kore plan that you are enrolled in, the number of space members, and also view and edit your payment plan and payment method.

The following illustration is an example of the Account Summary page with the Teams plan selected using Monthly Billing as the payment method in the Billing module in the Space Admin Console.

The following sections describes the fields and links on the Account Summary page that you can use to view or modify you Kore plan information based on the Kore billing plan.

Online Accounts

All online accounts begin as free Kore accounts. To change to a Kore T plan, you can select a plan and then provide billing information and a payment method.

Modify Subscription Section

In this section, you can view your selected plan, and if desired, change your plan to one of the following:

  • Teams with Monthly Billing
  • Teams with Annual Billing - The price per user per month is discounted when Annual Billing is used as a payment method.

Payment Method Section

In the Payment Method section, details for the payment credit card, price per subscription, billing interval, and subscription renewal date is displayed as shown in the previous illustration. You can also:

  • Click Change Payment Method to modify the payment method or add a new payment method. For more information, see Change the Space Payment Method.
  • Click View Billing History to display the Transaction History page to access your billing statements and account transactions. For more information, see View Your Space Billing History.
  • Click Cancel Subscription (for online billing plans only) to switch to a free Kore plan. For more information, see Switch to a Free Kore Plan.

About Free Kore Space Accounts

For Free accounts, some modules and features are not available, and no account summary information is displayed. If you have a Free Forever plan, only options to upgrade are displayed on the Account Summary in the Billing module instead as shown in the following illustration.

In This Section

Next Steps

After you have reviewed your Kore Account Summary page for your space, you may want to view previously paid transactions. For more information, see Viewing your Space Billing History.