Change the Space Payment Method

As a Space Admin, you may need update you payment information for your Kore space account. This topic describes how to modify your credit card payment information or to change from an ACH direct account debit payment method to credit card payment in the Space Admin Console.

  1. In the Billing module, on the Account Summary page, in the Payment Method section, click Change Payment Method. The Change Payment Method page is displayed.

    Note: If your account is already set up with an ACH payment method, to change to a credit card payment, click Switch to pay by credit card. You cannot directly modify ACH payment method settings in the Space Admin Console. Contact Kore to update or change your ACH payment method.

  1. Enter or modify your payment settings as needed, and then click Save.

Your new payment method is effective immediately and applied at the next transaction.

The following illustration is an example for accounts set up with ACH payments with a Kore sales contract.

Update the credit card fields displayed in the following illustration.