Setup Space Billing Preferences

In the Preferences section on the Account Summary page in the Billing module in the Kore Space Admin Console for subscription accounts using a Kore sales contract, you can define how subscriptions are handled for new users that join your space when there are no available prepaid subscriptions. This topic describes how to set subscription preferences for Kore accounts with sales contracts for fixed subscriptions.

To define preferences for new space members

  • In the Billing module, on the Account Summary page, in the Preferences section, select one of the following when a new member joins your space:
    • Automatically increase my subscription count as needed - If enough unused subscriptions are available, new space members are automatically assigned a subscription. If there is not an available subscription, the subscription count is automatically increased and your account is charged.
    • I will manage subscriptions - New space members cannot join unless a subscription is available.

The following illustration shows the Preferences section in the Space Admin Console Billing module on the Account Summary page for a space account set up with a Kore sales contract.