Add New Subscriptions to a Space

When you enter into a sales contract with Kore, your space account is set up with a certain number of prepaid user subscriptions. As new users join your space, the number of subscriptions is reduced. If you need more user subscriptions, you can add additional subscriptions on the Account Summary page in the Billing module. This topic describes how you can add one or more new user subscriptions.

  1. In the Billing module, on the Account Summary page, in the Subscription Type section, click Change. The Change Subscription Count dialog is displayed.
  2. In the Number of Additional Subscriptions field, enter the number of subscriptions that you want to add to your current number of subscriptions.
  3. Click Add Subscriptions. The number of new subscriptions added and amount to be charged is displayed.
  4. Verify the information, and then click Purchase Subscriptions.

The Added XXX Subscriptions Successfully message is displayed at the top of the page.