Upgrading to a Paid Space Kore Plan

If you are using a Free Kore Space plan, you may want to change your account to a paid plan to take advantage of the added features of that plan. This topic describes how to upgrade from a free Kore plan to a paid Kore plan in the Space Admin Console

Note: Billing for managed spaces in an enterprise account is handled by enterprise billing in the Enterprise Admin Console.

In the Billing module, of the Space Admin Console, on the Account Summary page, you can view your upgrade options from a Free Kore plan as shown in the following illustration.

Why Upgrade?

Kore offers Free plans with limited features for users, spaces, and enterprise accounts. If your space needs additional features, such as more storage space for messages, files, and email, you may need to upgrade. The following table provides a basic description of Kore features by plan for a space.

FeatureFree PlanTeams Plan
Search Last 10,000 messages Unlimited
Storage 10GB per space 100GB per space
Membership Unlimited Unlimited
Alerts 5 per space Unlimited
Actions 200 per month per space 1000 per month per space
Administration Basic Advanced with Analytics & Retention & eDiscovery

Once you have decided which plan you want, you are ready to upgrade. Complete the steps in the following procedure to upgrade to a paid Kore plan in the Space Admin Console.

  1. In the Billing module on the Account Summary page, click Switch to this plan for the Kore plan that you want to upgrade to. The Purchase Subscription page is displayed.
  2. In the Billing Period section, chose Billed Annually or Billed Monthly, and then click Proceed to Payment.
  3. In the Confirm Subscription Count dialog, click Confirm & Proceed to Payment. Billing payment and Billing contact details are displayed.
  4. On the Purchase Subscription section, enter your credit card payment information for the plan. For more information, see Change the Space Payment Method.
  5. In the Billing Contact Details section, enter the information for the billing contact responsible for payment. An email address is required. For more information, see Managing Space Billing Contact Information.
  6. Click Purchase.

The Account Summary page is displayed with the new space plan billing information as shown in the following example. For more information, see Viewing Your Space Account Summary - Online Billing.