Enterprise Admin Quickstart Guide

Congratulations! You are about to start the set up for your company as the Enterprise Admin, using the Kore.ai Enterprise Admin Console. This guide helps you to log on, invite one or more users to join Kore.ai for your company, and then assign one or more users as administrators for Kore.ai.

You are the Primary Master Enterprise Admin for your Kore.ai company account. But you may want others in your company to manage your Kore.ai Messenger users and application settings. So one of the very first things you will probably want to do, is to delegate that responsibility for Kore.ai management to the right people in your company.

Logging On to the Enterprise Admin Console

By now, you have received your email from Kore.ai with a link to open the Kore.ai Messenger application in a web browser. After you log on to the Kore.ai Desktop app, or Desktop web browser, you can open the Enterprise Admin Console, if your account is enabled. To log on to the Enterprise Admin Console, you simply click the Enterprise admin console  icon at the top navigation bar of the Kore.ai Desktop for Web application page as shown in the following illustration.

When you click the icon, for security, you must re-enter your log on credentials to access the Enterprise Admin Console. When you log on as the Primary Master Enterprise Admin for the first time, the initial page displayed depends on your type of Kore.ai account. If you are signing up online with a free Kore.ai Messenger account, you will need to register your domain to validate that you own the domain. After you complete domain registration, you can access the Enterprise Admin Console. For more information, see About Domain Verification later in this topic. 

For enterprise accounts that already have a sales contract with Kore.ai for paid subscriptions, the Enterprise Admin Console Dashboard module is displayed. Depending on your Kore.ai plan, for example, Free or Premium, some modules on the left navigation menu may be unavailable.

With a free Enterprise Admin account, you cannot invite and enroll users in your domain until you complete domain verification. After domain verification, you can begin adding users to your domain, and for paid account, adding users as managed users.

What Should I Do First???

At this point, you really should start inviting and adding users by enrolling users to join Kore.ai for your company. In particular, you probably want to add another user to be an administrator for Kore.ai. We'll assume an example user, that Bob at bob@koremessenger.com has never signed up for Kore.ai. To make Bob an admin, you'll need to follow this process:

  1. Invite Bob to join Kore.ai by sending him an invite to join Kore.ai. Bob enrolls in Kore.ai using the link you sent in the invite. At the link URL for Kore.ai, Bob signs up and provides a password and other user info for his account, and initiates an email verification for his email address. After Bob verifies his email address, he is now an unmanaged user for your Kore.ai account. An unmanaged user is a Kore.ai Messenger user using your company domain name and a free Kore.ai account.
  2. To be an admin, Bob must be added as a managed user. A managed user is a user that the Enterprise Admin selects from the list of unmanaged users to be added as a controlled, or managed user, that is automatically billed to the Kore.ai account for Premium plans.
  3. Now that Bob is managed, you need to add him to the Master Admin(Ent Admin) role.

How Do I Do It?

The following sections describe how to complete the three steps to add a new user, in this case, Bob, as an admin in the Enterprise Admin Console.

Step 1 - Inviting a New User

Let's invite Bob to join Kore.ai Messenger.

Tip: If the user you want to add as an Enterprise Admin is already a Kore.ai Messenger user in your company, skip to the next section called Step 2 - Adding an Unmanaged User as a Managed User.

  1. On the left navigation menu, click to expand the Enrollment module, and then click Invite. The Invite users to join Kore.ai page is displayed.
  2. Enter the email address name to the left of your domain name, for example, bob, as shown in the following illustration. Your domain, for example, @yourDomain.com is displayed instead of @koremessenger.com
  3. Click Send Invitations.

An email is sent to bob@koremessenger.com with a link to sign up for Kore.ai Messenger. Bob clicks the link, signs up for Kore.ai, and is automatically sent an email to confirm the email address. When Bob confirms the email address, he becomes an unmanaged user in your domain and is ready to be added as a managed user.

Step 2 - Adding an Unmanaged User as a Managed User

On the Unmanaged Users tab in the Users & Teams module in the Enterprise Admin Console, you can see if Bob has been invited, and if he has signed up for Kore.ai. When Bob has completed sign up for Kore.ai, you can add him as a managed user by completing the following steps.

  1. On the left hand navigation menu, click the Users & Teams module, and then on the Users page, click the Unmanaged Users tab.
  2. In the Name column, select the user that you want to add as a managed user, and then in the Group Action field, select Manage Users.
  3. In the Confirm Addition of Managed Users dialog, click OK.

Note: Any changes in billing as a result of adding new managed users is displayed in the confirmation dialog.

In the next image, bob@koremessenger.com is selected to be added as a managed user on the Unmanaged Users tab in the Users & Teams module.

Step 3 - Adding a User to the Master Admin(Ent Admin) Role

As the Primary Master Admin, you can add any managed user to the Master Admin(Ent Admin) role. Once a user is added to the Master Admin(Ent Admin) role, the user has full administrative privileges for all features of your Kore.ai account. To add a new admin, just complete the following steps to add a new user to the Master Admin(Ent Admin) role.

  1. On the Admin Roles page in the Roles & Permissions module, click Assign Users. The Add Users to Built In Admin Role < Role Name > dialog is displayed.
  2. Select one or more managed users in the Name column, and then click Assign.

The following image shows the Admin Roles page in the Roles & Permissions module.

To add a user to the admin role, click the Assign Users button shown in the image above. In the Add Users to Built In Admin Role dialog, select one or more users, and then click Assign as shown next.

That's all there is to it! The next time the newly assigned admin logs on to Kore.ai, they will see the Enterprise admin console  icon in the Kore.ai Messenger app just like you do, as the Primary Master Admin.

If you want to transfer the Primary Master Admin role to another user in your company instead of adding a user the admin role, see Transferring the Primary Master Admin Role.

Logging Off of the Enterprise Admin Console

When you are finished with your session with the Enterprise Admin Console, you should log off the console and close your session to keep your enterprise account secure. To log off, click on your user name, and then click Logout as shown in the following illustration.

If your Enterprise Admin Console session is idle for more than 15 minutes, your session is automatically terminated, and the next action in the session window will open the Kore.ai Messenger web client instead. To start a new session, click the Enterprise admin console  icon and log on.

About Domain Verification

To get access to all modules of the Enterprise Admin Console, you must verify your domain, unless you are using the Enterprise Admin Trial version. Domain verification is how Kore.ai ensures that your domain is a valid domain, and you, as the Enterprise Admin have rights and privileges within that domain. To get started, click Claim Domain, and then click Begin Verification, as shown in the following illustration.

On the Domain Management page, you can select one of two types, either TXT record or <meta> tag options, to verify your domain.

A successful domain verification is required before you can start adding managed users that you can control, to your domain. For more information, see Verifying Your Domain.

Next Steps

With another admin in place, you will want to begin configuring your Kore.ai account, for example, for security, branding, message retention, and so forth. You will also want to invite users in your company to join Kore.ai, and for those users that have signed up for Kore.ai, you may want to add as managed users. For an overview of the modules in the Enterprise Admin Console, see About the Kore.ai Enterprise Admin Console.