Modifying room settings

You can modify room settings at any time if you are the space admin or owner, or the space member who created the room.

To modify your room settings using the smartphone app, tap Manage on the room screen. On the Manage < Room Name > screen, you can manage your room notification preferences. If you are the owner of the room, you can add or remove room participants, Bots, and manage advanced settings like room visibility, status, and posting control. 


On the Manage < Room Name > screen, scroll down and tap Advanced Options, to access advanced settings. 


On the Advanced Options screen, you can modify room name and description. In addition, specify the visibility settings of your room. For more information, see External user room participation.

On your desktop web or app, click Manage on the top right corner of the Rooms page.


On the Manage < Room Namepage, you can access Members, Bots, and Settings.

Note: The Room Settings option is displayed only if you are the owner of the room.

On the Room Settings dialog, you can select or modify advanced room settings, like room visibility, status, and email messaging options.


Room Status

One of:

  • Active - When status is Active, messages can be posted in the room.
  • Suspended - When status is Suspended, messages cannot be posted in the room.
Set Visibility

This setting is dependent on the space setting and is displayed only if the encompassing space is a public space. For more information, see Managing a space.

Posting Control

Select the option to set posting privileges of members and admins and if you want to Allow Posting via email