About space membership

Joining a space as a member

Note: The Browse Spaces feature is available only to company Kore users.

On the Browse Spaces screen, tap the space you want to join as a member. On the  Space Name > screen, tap Join on the top right corner of the screen. The space admin will receive a notification about your request. If the space admin accepts your request, then you will receive a notification that you have been added as a member.

You can be a member of any number of spaces! Also, you can own an unlimited number of spaces depending on your Kore messaging plan, for example, Free or Premium. For more information, go to the Kore website.

Inviting a space member

Note: You must be a space owner or an admin to be able to invite new space members.

On your smartphone app:

  1. Tap Manage on the top right corner of the space home screen, and then tap +Invite on the Manage < Space Name > screen.

  2. To select from your Kore contacts, tap Invite from Contacts.
    Tap and select any one of your Recent, Favorites, Company, and Device contacts.

  3. To invite a new member who is not a Kore user, tap Invite by email or mobile number and enter the email ID or phone number on the Invite screen, and tap Next.

  4. Tap and select the rooms in which the new space member can participate, and tap Done.

If you are a space member (and not an admin), you can access the Choose Members and Invite screens only if your space admin has given you rights to add members.

On your desktop web or app, navigate to your space Home page, click , and then click Members.  

Click Add Members to Space and select the desired option. 

Removing a member from a space

You must be an admin or an owner to be able to remove a member from a space.

 On the space home screen, tap Manage, and then tap the member you want to remove from the space. On the action menu that is displayed, tap Remove < Member Name > from space.



On the space home screen, click Manage on the top right corner of the screen. On the Manage Room dialog, click the Settings tab and then Room Settings. On the Room settings page, select the member, click Remove from Room and then click Save. 

Leaving a space

 On the space home screen, tap Manage. The Manage < Space Name > screen is displayed. Scroll down and tap Advanced Options. On the Advanced Options screen tap Leave < Space Name >.

On your desktop web or app, navigate to your space Home page, click  , and then click Space Settings.  

On the Space Settings dialog, select your name, click Leave Space and then click Save.