Accessing space files

Kore provides an innovative and secure way to share files through rooms. As content shared in a room cannot be copied or shared externally through screenshots, you can be sure that only the room participants can view your shared file. You can also share files with space members using direct messages.

To view all your recent files shared with you in your space and the associated rooms, tap the Files tab on the space Home screen.

If you click a file, the File Details screen is displayed, where you can select to view the file, and view the post from which the file originated. In addition, you can also access and share the file.

On the desktop web or app, select a space on the left navigation panel, and then click Files on the top right corner of the page.

Actions that you can perform on the file are Share, Copy Link, Download, Add as Attachment, and Go to conversation. You can access files in cloud-based storage systems like Google DriveTM.