Managing a space

This article describes the settings that you can configure for your space. You can update the settings of a space on the Advanced Options screen of a space. Only space admins and owners can access the Advanced Options screen.

To access the Advanced Options screen, on the smartphone:

  1. On the space home screen, tap Manage.
  2. On the Manage < Space Name > screen, tap Advanced Options.

    Note: The Advanced Options option is displayed only if you are a space admin or owner.

  3. On the Advanced Options screen, add and modify your space settings.

On your desktop web or app, you can access the Advanced Options screen by clicking at the top right corner of the page and then click Space Settings

On the Space Settings dialog, click Advanced Options.


On the Advanced Options screen, update your space settings and click Done

 Visibility This setting is dependent on the space setting and is displayed only if the encompassing space is a public space.  Visible in the Company Directory  Select one of:
  • Private
  • Request to Join
 Permissions Define the permissions for Owners, Members, and Admins. Who can invite people & accept join requests?  Select one of:
  • Any Member
  • Only the Owner & Admins
  • Only the Owner
Who can create new rooms?

Select one of:

  • Any Member
  • Only the Owner & Admins
  • Only the Owner