Space Manage Rooms Module Overview

The Manage Rooms module in the Kore Space Admin Console enables a Space Admin to manage rooms in a space. Each space has two default rooms: Hangout and General. You can create additional rooms for all or a set of selected space members. In addition, you can limit visibility of room messages and posts to only room members, or even a subset of room members.

Room members can only create new rooms if enabled by the Space Admin in the Profile and Settings module on the Settings tab of the Profile & Settings page. For more information, see Managing Space Profiles and Settings.

The following illustration shows an example of the Manage Rooms page in the Space Admin Console Manage Rooms module:

In This Module

The Manage Rooms module consists of the following page:

  • Manage Rooms Page

    On the Manage Rooms page in the Kore Space Admin Console, you can add, modify, and delete rooms. A room is a child message exchange within a space that you can also define which members are selected as room participants, and then define permissions for the room participants to add or view the room comments. You can also limit access to a room for external users.

Next Steps

As a Space Admin, you can manage rooms by adding new rooms, selecting room participants, or restricting access to a room. For more information, see Managing Rooms.