Selecting Spaces and Rooms

In the Kore Enterprise Admin Console, you may need to select one or more spaces and rooms for various functions. For example, to add a spaceto a Bot, and so forth. This topic describes the Space selection tab or page used throughout the Enterprise Admin Console.

Your tab or page may vary in options and table columns for users, however, the selection process is the same. The following illustration is an example of the Spaces tab in the Manage Bot dialog used to assign spaces and rooms to a Bot on the Deployed tab in the Bots module.

The following list describes the columns displayed for rooms for a selected Kore space. Depending on the context of your space selection page, not all of the following columns may be displayed.

To sort the list of column values, click  icon or  icon to the right of a column name. The following list describes the columns displayed in the admin console table.

Room Name The name of the room in the selected space.
Room Description Displays the name of the room for the selected space.

Next Steps

After you select the spaces and rooms for your operation, you should apply the changes.