Sharing Images and Videos

On your smartphone, you can share pictures and videos using Kore Messenger by selecting Pictures  icon or the videos  icon displayed in the Compose Message field on the New Message screen.


Tap the Camera  icon to take a new photo and attach it to your message or tap the Browse pictures  icon and then select an image from your smartphone picture album.


Similarly, you can record a new video clip by tapping the Video Camera  icon or, you can browse the video clip library and attach an existing video clip to your message.

Note: If you are a company Kore user and are unable to attach a file to a message, do not worry. The Kore Enterprise Administrator for your company may have setup Application Roles to encourage you to use Kore only on specific channels, or to use only specific features of the Kore Messaging Platform. For more information, see Application Roles.

On Kore Desktop for Web or Desktop App, click the Attachments  icon. In the Attachments command menu, select one of the following attachment types:

  • Record audio
  • Record video
  • Capture photo
  • Choose local file
  • Choose cloud file
  • Share a location
  • Share a contact

Attachment Limitations

The maximum size limit for a message, is 25MB. You can attach up to six attachments to a message.

To share files of a larger size, we recommend that you share such files via cloud-based storage systems like Google Drive®, which can be accessed using a link from Kore Messenger.. For more information, see Accessing your Files.