Communicate with Kore

 On the Messages  screen, you can view messages from your Kore Messenger contacts along with messages from Kora, Teams, and Bots on their respective tabs.

Tap Messages on the top of the screen to filter chat messages and emails. The CHAT category lists chat messages and the EMAIL category lists emails.

When you click New Message , you can choose to select whether you want to compose a New Message or a New Email.

On the Android app, click  at the top right corner of the screen to create a new message.

Tap Messages at the top of the screen and select Chat or Email to filter chat messages or emails.

Chat messages

When you select to compose a Chat (on the smartphone app), or select to compose a New Message (on the desktop web or app), the compose message screen is displayed for a chat message.

Kore chat messages are like any other text message, but with added features:

Message exchange through Kore on the internet is highly secure as messages are encrypted at rest and while in transport using the AES-256 encryption standard.


When you select to compose a new Email (on the smartphone app), or select New Email (on the desktop web or app), the compose email message screen is displayed.

Kore emails are perfect when you need to share confidential information with a contact outside of your company network or area.

You can apply message control policies to your email, track the lifecycle of your email, and record and attach sound and video clips to your email. Other attachments include photos, location addresses, contact details, and shared files.

Use Kore email  to communicate with anyone (including non-Kore contacts). When you send an email to a Kore user, the email will display in two locations for the recipient Kore user:

  • Messages screen in Kore
  • Email account inbox, for example, Gmail®, Yahoo®, or Hotmail®

If you apply message control policies to a Kore email, or attach files to the email, then the content of the email can be accessed via a link. If the recipient is not a Kore user, the recipient must click the link and sign up for Kore to be able to access the contents of the Kore email, and the attachments.

Note: You cannot send an email to a user whose Kore account has been created using a phone number.

Message attachments

While composing a Kore message, you can apply message control policies and attach files.

You can attach voice messages , pictures , videos , Kore files , contact information , or location addresses to your message.