Invite a Contact to Join Kore

You can invite your contacts to join Kore on the Kore Contacts screen on the smartphone app. For those who are not saved on your device as a contact, you can send a chat message as an invite.

Invite a Contact

To invite a contact using the Kore smartphone app, tap your account menu on the top left corner of the screen. On the Account screen, and then tap Invite People.

On the Contacts screen, select one or more contacts, and then click Invite < Contacts >.

Existing Kore users in your contacts are displayed with the Kore  icon on their profile picture.

Another way to invite a device contact is to open the device contact details in Kore, select the phone number or email ID, and then tap Send Invite.

Depending on the selected contact details, Kore uses an email client or text message service to send an invite message to the contact.

Note: If the invited user signs up for Kore, you will receive a notification that the device contact is now a Kore user.

On Kore Desktop for Web or Kore App, you can invite a new Kore user by sending a chat message to a friend or a colleague that you want to invite to Kore.