Your KoreBot Assistant

KoreBot is your friend and assistant while using Kore. From the moment you start using Kore, KoreBot assists you to perform tasks with just a mouse click or a tap. KoreBot helps you to, in a very short time, become a Kore pro!

In addition, all KoreBot messages to you are available for your reference in the KoreBot message thread.


You can use /commands to perform popular Kore tasks at the click of a mouse or through a tap of a button on your smartphone. For more information, see /commands.

KoreBot helps you to pick the required /command from the /command prompt list. When you enter a forward slash in the compose message field, KoreBot displays a list of /commands that you can choose from.

Sending You Reminders

When you run the /remindme command, KoreBot sends you a reminder message at a time selected by you.