Space Analytics Module Overview

The Analytics module in the Kore Space Admin Console provides a snapshot of your space activity, storage consumption, and volume of traffic by room post or message type. You can also view the activity of each space member. and the user activity trend over a specified period of time.

The following illustration shows an example of the space Analytics module with the Activity Report page displayed.

In This Module

The space Analytics module consists of the following pages:

  • Activity Report Page

    On the Activity Report page in the Analytics module of the Kore Space Admin Console, you can view numerical data snapshots of your space activity. You can use the analytical information to make informed decisions to manage and administer space members, rooms, and Bots.

  • Audit Report Page

    On the Audit Report page in the space Analytics module, in the Kore Space Admin Console, you can view Kore system and space member-generated events. For example, a system-generated event a message about space storage remaining levels to all space members. An example of a user-generated event could be sending an invitation to a new space member. Using the controls on Audit Report page, you can select event categories, events, and time periods to drill-down and filter events as needed.

Next Steps

You can view a summary of statistics for your space as a snapshot. For more information, see Viewing Space Activity Reports.