Modify Profile and Account Information

You can create a Kore profile in Kore Messenger to describe yourself and your interests. If you have a company Kore account, then you can share your job title, department, and working hours. You can update your profile and account-related information on the Account screen in Kore Messenger.

 To access the Account screen, tap your profile picture on the top left corner of the smartphone app home screen. On the top right corner of the Account screen, tap Edit and access your Edit Account screen.


Switch between multiple Kore accounts that you own by swiping accounts on the Accounts' navigation bar. To add an account to the Accounts' navigation bar, tap Add account  and sign in to another Kore account.

On your Account screen, you can add up to four additional identities if you have a personal Kore account. For more information, see Create an identity.

On the Account screen, update details like first name, last name, title, department, password, profile picture, work and location details and tap on Done

On your desktop web or app, click your account name on the bottom left corner of the page, and then click Account. 

Click the Edit button on the bottom right corner of the page.

Update any information that you need to update relating to your account, and then click Save Changes. Your account information is updated in Kore.

Sharing working hours

On the Account screen, you can also add information such as your working hours, work location, and home location. This information is not displayed to other users, however. Kore shows a generic message to other Kore users to deliver a message to Steve, for example, During Steve's Work Hours. When selected by a sender, the message is delivered to Steve during the work hours selected on the Account screen.