Access and Download Kore Apps

Access Kore Messenger in a Browser

You can access Kore Messenger on the web at If you do not have a Kore account already, enter your new account information to register as a free Kore user.

Download Kore Desktop Clients 

After signing into Kore Messenger in a browser, you can access all features of the Kore Messaging application on the web page, or you can download Kore Desktop Apps for Microsoft Windows® and Apple Mac® environments.

To download a locally installed client for Kore Messenger, in Kore Messenger in a browser, click your account name at the lower leftmost corner, and then click Download Desktop Apps . You can download either the Mac Desktop App or the Windows Desktop App, and then install use the Kore Messaging client for free!

Download Kore Smartphone Apps

Visit the Apple App StoreSM or Google Play™ and search for the Kore, Inc. app. Download the app, and then sign in or register for Kore:

You can choose to sign up for a personal user account or a company user account. For more information, see Kore account types.

Note: If you are a company Kore user and you are unable to use Kore on a specific channel, or are unable to use certain features of the Kore Messaging Platform, do not worry. The Kore Enterprise Administrator for your company may have setup Application Roles to encourage you to use Kore only on specific channels, or to use only specific features of the Kore Messaging Platform. For more information, see Application Roles.