Enable or Disable Message Retention for a Space

Kore message retention for spaces is disabled by default. Kore messages are not retained after a user deletes the message. Unless you enable retention, all content deleted by your space members is removed from Kore servers permanently within 30 days. After removal from the Kore servers, messages cannot be recovered.

To enable message retention

Complete the following step to enable Kore message retention for your space.

  • On the Retention page in the space Compliance module in the Space Admin Console, click Enable Retention. The default message retention period is 365 days.

The Default Retention and Custom Retention Policies sections are displayed after you enable retention in the Space Admin Console as shown in the following illustration where the default retention policy is set to 364 days.

To disable Kore message retention

If you no longer need message retention for your space, you can disable message retention after it is enabled by completing the following steps.

  1. On the Retention page in the space Compliance module, in the Space Admin Console, click Disable Retention.
  2. In the Disable Retention Confirmation dialog, click Disable Retention.

Any messages previously set for retention are maintained until the set period is elapsed.