Space Compliance Module Overview

In the Compliance module of the Kore Space Admin Console, you can enable and then customize space message retention policies, configure eDiscovery searches, and place a space member account on litigation hold. After retention is defined, you can provide access to eDiscovery search results to selected space members as well as external users that can post messages in a space room.

About Data Retention

By default, there is no data retention defined for your space. The only restriction for data retention is storage size. For example, data retention is indefinite for a space with a 50 GB storage limit until the storage limit is reached. The oldest stored data is automatically deleted when any new messages are added after the storage limit is reached, unless data retention is enabled.

Kore messages are not retained after a user deletes the message. Unless you enable retention, all content deleted by your space members is removed from Kore servers permanently within 30 days. After removal from the Kore servers, messages cannot be recovered.

To maintain system performance and manage storage size, you can define a default retention policy that applies to your space. In addition, you can create custom data retention polices that apply only to specific spaces. For more information, see Managing Space Retention Policy.

About eDiscovery

As a Space Admin, you may be required to identify data in your space for civil or government investigations. Using Kore eDiscovery, you can search for data about a specific space or space member, within a specific period of time, and define the subject or keywords to search for. After the search is complete, you can then define if and how the data should be retained and who has access to that data, including users outside of your domain. For more information, see Managing eDiscovery for Spaces.

The following illustration is an example of the space Compliance module with the Retention page displayed, where message retention is disabled by default:

In This Module

The space Compliance module is comprised of the following pages:

  • Retention Page

    On the Retention page in the Compliance module, in the Kore Space Admin Console, you can define retention policies for direct messages exchanged between space members, for room messages and comments, and for Bots. By default, message retention is disabled. This topic describes how to enable message retention, modify the default retention period, and if desired, define and manage custom message retention policies for specific space members, rooms, and Bots.

  • eDiscovery Page

    On the eDiscovery page of the Compliance module, in the Kore Space Admin Console, you can define and manage eDiscovery searches. You can define an eDiscovery search that provides a relevant list of space members and room messages for review, usually by civil or government investigations. After you define the eDiscovery search, you can enable other users to review the results of that search, for example, an attorney with read-only access for litigation review.

Next Steps

To get started with compliance in your space, you should enable message retention. For more information, see Managing Space Retention Policy.