About rooms

Rooms enable teams to have an extended conversation over a common subject. Room conversations are visible only to the participants in the room. If you are a room participant, you can post messages, or view, like , comment, and share room messages.

Note: Depending on the room permissions, even Kore users who are not room participants, can post messages, view, comment, and share room messages.

Additionally, you can attach files, pictures, videos, sound bytes, and location addresses to a room message.

You can start a meeting in a room by using /commands. For more information, see /commands.

Just like the Kore messages, you can apply control policies to room messages and comments. However, you cannot apply policies like message delivery based on location and no forwards, which are not applicable to room messages, and hence are not displayed for selection.

When you create a space, the following rooms are created by default with all members as participants:

  • General
  • Hangout

When you create a room, you can add all or only selected space members as room participants. In addition, you can select to share the room within your company. For more information, see Room settings.

If you are the space admin and have enabled space members to create rooms, then there may be rooms that you may not be a part of. To view all rooms (including rooms that you are not a part of), tap and enable Show all rooms in this Space.

On your desktop web or app, you can view all room by clicking your space name, and then clicking Show all rooms on the space menu.