Create a room

To create a room in a space, you must be a space admin or owner.

On your smartphone app:

  1. Tap New Room  on the Rooms tab of the space home screen.

    On the Create Room screen, enter a name and description of your room.
  2. Tap Create.

    Your new room is created.

On your desktop web or app, click New Room on the Rooms page, to create a new room.

Adding room participants

You can add selected or all space members as room participants. To add additional participants to a room, you must own the encompassing space, or you must be the owner of the room.

Deleting a room

To delete a room, you must be the owner of the room, or the admin or owner of the encompassing space. 

On the room home screen on the smartphone app, tap Manage. On the Manage < Room Name > screen, tap Advanced Options. On the Advanced Options screen, tap Delete < Room Name >.

On the desktop web or app, click Manage. On the Manage Room Name >, click the Settings tab and then click Delete room.