About space roles

Access the Manage < Space > screen by tapping Manage on the top right corner of the space home screen. You can view space members and their roles on the Manage < Space > screen. 

Space member

Space member is the default role assigned to any member. A space member can send people chat messages to any member in the space. In addition, based on the privileges assigned by the space admin, a space member can create rooms and invite other space members.

Space owner

The Kore user who creates a space is assigned the space owner role. The space owner has the following responsibilities and privileges:

  • Monitor and manage billing information for the space.
  • Delegate space admin roles to selected space members. The space owner can delegate the space owner role to another space member, and then choose to remain a space member or leave the space.
  • Monitor and manage room messages and comments by creating and deleting rooms, adding participants, and by monitoring content posted in rooms.
  • Access to the Space Admin Console, which is only in paid space accounts. A space owner can perform a range of basic to advanced space administration tasks using the Space Admin Console.

Space admin

A space admin is a member with all owner responsibilities and privileges. However, the space admin cannot access Billing module to schedule and manage payments.