Creating a space

On the Kore smartphone app home screen, tap the CREATE SPACE  icon. The Create New Space screen is displayed.

If you have a company Kore account, you can select the visibility of your space to be a private space and whether or not you want to allow external users to be able to request to join your space.

Note: If you are a company Kore user and are unable to access spaces and rooms, do not worry. The Kore Enterprise Administrator for your company may have setup Application Roles to encourage you to use only specific features of the Kore Messaging Platform. For more information, see Application Roles.

Enter information like Space Name and Purpose. Add a profile picture for your space.

To start using a Kore space, add members, and create rooms. Communicate with space members using direct messages, room messages, and comments.

On your desktop web or app, click SPACES  on the left navigation panel.

Click the Create new space  icon. The Create new space page is displayed.

On the Create new space page, enter information like space name, description, select your space visibility as Company or Private, and then add space members.

For more information on space settings, see Managing a space.

For more information on space membership, see About space membership.