Modifying Policies of a Sent Message

 Using Kore Messenger on your smartphone, you can modify the message control policies of a sent message.

  1. On your smartphone in Kore Messenger, long press a sent message. The Modify Policies  icon is displayed at the bottom of your message screen.

  1. Tap the Modify Policies  icon. The Message Control screen is displayed.
  2. Apply or modify the existing message control policies for the message.

The message control policy is updated for the message immediately and while it is in transit or after it is delivered to the recipient account.

 On Kore Desktop for Web or Desktop App, click the More icon on the message, and then click Control. Apply or modify the existing message control policies on the Sent Messages dialog for Message Control, and then click Apply.

Note: If you are a recipient of a message with applied policies, you can only view the message only on Kore Desktop App for Windows®, and Mac® or smartphones for iPhone®, AndroidTM. Messages with message delivery policies cannot be viewed in Kore Desktop for Web.