Using Slash Commands

A forward slash " / " command enables you to perform popular tasks by entering a forward slash followed by a keyword in the Compose Message field in Kore Messenger. After you type the slash, and then select an available command, you can tap Send on the smartphone app screen, or press Enter on the keyboard for Kore Desktop for Web or Desktop App to execute the slash command.

Slash commands are categorized based on context. For example, the slash command /leaveroom is applicable and available only for rooms that are part of a team, and the slash command /add is applicable only while composing chat messages.

Note: Slash commands are visible only to you and not other participants in a chat message thread or in a room.

If you need help to find a slash command, KoreBot can assist you.

  1. In the Compose Message field at the bottom of the screen, enter a forward slash. KoreBot displays the available commands specific for that context as selectable suggestions displayed just above the Compose Message field. For more information, see Slash Commands in Kore.
  2. Select a slash command from the suggestion list.
  3. If applicable, enter a value following the  slash command, for example, to send a direct message to a team member:

    1. In the Compose Message, enter /msg. Your Kore contacts are automatically displayed as suggestions.
    2. Select a Kore contact from the auto suggestions or manually enter an email address or a phone number.

    3. Enter a message following the email address or phone number.
    4. Tap Send.