View Your Contacts and Profiles

You can view your Recent, Favorites, and Company Kore contacts on Kore Desktop for Web or Kore App when you click Messages on the left navigation pane, and then click Contacts on the top right corner of the page.

Your contacts are classified as Recent, Favorites, and Company (when applicable) contacts.

  • Recent - Kore contacts that you most recently chatted with are listed on this tab.
  • Favorites - Quickly access Kore contacts that you have marked as favorites. For more information, see Add a contact to Favorites.
  • Company - This tab is visible only if you are a company Kore user. Your company colleagues who are also Kore users are listed on this tab.

Click the More  icon displayed when you select a contact to view additional options to view contact profile, set the contact as a favorite, block the contact, or to send a message to the contact.

Distribution Lists

If you are a company Kore user, you can view the email distribution lists of your company provided by the Enterprise Admin on the Company tab 

Tap the distribution list to view the company contacts that are a part of the distribution list.

 On the smartphone, you can search for a contact by tapping Search on the Kore Messenger Home screen. The contacts are displayed on the Contacts tab on the Search Results screen.

When you compose a message using a smartphone, you can also select device contacts as recipients.

To access contacts while composing a message, tap Add Contacts  in the To field of the compose message screen. The Add Participants screen is displayed.

On the Add Participants screen, you can search from and select contacts from the Recent, Favorites, Company, and Device categories.