Notifications for Messages and Teams

Kore Messenger notifies you of your new messages and team activity with push message notifications and visual notifications such as labels for displaying the count of unread messages or a blue dot that represents unread messages.

There are two types of notifications:

  • Message notifications
  • Team notifications

This article describes how to access your Kore notifications.

Message Notifications

Message notifications are available for chat messages, emails, and incoming Bot task messages. Look for the blue dot indicating unread chat messages, emails, and Bot task messages. 


Team Notifications

Notifications for teams are available for new direct messages from one team member directly to another, room messages and comments, and any @mentions. The notifications listed under  include team invitations, requests to join a team, and @mentions.

 On the smartphone app, teams with colored backgrounds are the teams with unread messages. The rooms with unread messages are displayed with a blue dot indicating that you have unread messages in the room.

 On Desktop Web or the Desktop app, you can look for the blue dot for teams when you have unread team posts and comments.

Mute Your Notifications

Notifications are enabled by default for all messages, teams, and Bots. You can selectively mute your notifications, either for temporary periods, or permanently.

On your smartphone app:

  • On the Message screen, tap Manage and enable Mute Conversation under Manage Conversation. 
  • On the Team screen, tap  and enable Mute Team under Manage < Team Name >.
  • On the Room screen, tap  and enable Mute Room under Manage < Room Name >.
  • On the Bot screen, tap Manage and enable Mute notification under  Manage < Bot Name >.

On Desktop Web or Desktop app:

  • On the Message page, click Manage, and then click Mute Notifications.
  • On the Teams page, click the Team drop-down list, and then click Manage Team. 
  • On the Room page, click Manage, and then click Mute Notification.
  • On the Bot page, click Manage, and then click Mute Notifications.

To customize your notifications, see Customize your notifications.