Navigate the App

You can access any one of Messages, TeamsKora, and Bots from the Kore Messaging Home screen. Tap Messages  to view your chat messages and emails.

On the Kora  tab, talk to Kora, install your favorite Bots, and talk to your Bots like you would talk to your friends.

On the Teams  tab, create a new team or view an existing team. 

Tap Bots  to view Bot messages and to perform Bot tasks. To select and install Bots, tap Get Bots on the top right corner of the screen. 

Note: If you are unable to access Kore Messenger using the smartphone, or desktop app channel, this may be because of the Application Control settings, in the Enterprise Admin Console. Similarly, if you are unable to access any Kore Messaging Platform features such as Messaging or Bots, this may be because of Application Control settings. For more information, see Application Roles.

To view and edit your account-related information or view recently shared files, tap your account profile picture on the top left corner of your Home screen. On the Account screen, you can modify your profile details, or access Kore Settings.

On Desktop for Web or Desktop App, the left navigation panel enables easy navigation between Messages, Bots, and Teams. To access Account information, click your account name at the bottom left corner of the screen.


 On the Teams screen, all Teams you are a member of are listed in order based on the latest activity.

Note: Teams displayed with colored backgrounds are teams that have unread posts and comments.

Other team-related actions are:

  • Tap the Add  icon to create a new team. 
  • Tap the Browse all Teams tile to view other public teams in your domain.
  • Tap  on the top right corner of the screen, to view all team @mentions, team invitations, and invitations to join a team.

Similarly, on Kore Desktop for Web or Desktop App, click the Add  icon to create a new team. View the Browse all teams section to view all the public teams in your company (if you are a member of a company Kore account).

Note: Kore users with a personal account can only view teams they are a member of.

Files and Contacts

On Desktop for Web or Desktop App, click Files  to view files that you shared with others and the files that others have shared with you. You can also access cloud-based storage systems such as Dropbox® and Google DriveTM.

Tap to view company contacts, or recent contacts.