Configuring SharePoint Access

This topic describes the steps a SharePoint Administrator must complete to enable access to SharePoint files for managed Kore users in a domain. A managed Kore user is a member of your domain that was invited and signed up for Kore, and then the Enterprise Admin selected that user to be added as a managed Kore user.

The SharePoint configuration only needs to be completed once per domain.

Managed Kore users in a domain can directly access files and folders on a SharePoint site if the Kore app for SharePoint is installed on the SharePoint server, and then the Kore SharePoint app is associated with a Kore Enterprise Admin account.

After configuring SharePoint access, Kore managed users provide their SharePoint log on credentials and can then access the files and folders in SharePoint that they have privileges for.

Two-Step Process for SharePoint

To configure SharePoint access, you must complete two tasks:

  1. In SharePoint, search for and then add the Kore app to your SharePoint account.
  2. Associate your domain Enterprise Admin account with the Kore app. Kore requires the account logon credentials for the Enterprise Admin account with the Kore SharePoint app to enable only Kore domain users to access the company SharePoint site through Kore.

Step 1: Adding the Kore App to SharePoint

A SharePoint administrator must install the Kore SharePoint app.

  1. Log on to your SharePoint portal, for example, The Home page is displayed.
  2. On the left navigation menu, click Site Contents. The Site Contents page is displayed.
  3. Click add an app, and then on the left navigation menu on the Site Contents > Your Apps page, click SharePoint Store.
  4. In the Find an app Search field, enter Kore, and then press Enter. The Kore SharePoint app is displayed as shown in the following illustration.

  1. Click the Kore SharePoint app. The Kore App page is displayed.
  2. Click ADD IT.
  3. In the Do your trust dialog box, click Trust It.

The Kore SharePoint app is added to your Site Contents page.

Step 2: Associating the Kore SharePoint App with your Kore Domain

To ensure only your domain managed Kore users can access your company SharePoint files, Kore requires association of the Kore SharePoint app with your Kore domain.

Before you can complete the association, you must:

  • Have valid Kore Enterprise Admin account log on credentials - This is not the same log on credentials as your SharePoint Admin account.
  • Important!!  Sign off from, and then close any Kore Desktop clients and web browser instances of Kore.

Complete the steps in the following procedure to associate the Kore Sharepoint app with your Kore Enterprise Admin account.

  1. On the Site Contents page, click the Kore Sharepoint app. The Kore log on page is displayed.

    Note: If the Kore log on page is not displayed, and the Kore application is opens instead, this means that not all instances of Kore were closed. Close any open instances of Kore, and then in SharePoint, click the Kore app again to display the Kore log on page.

  2. Using the log on credentials for the Enterprise Admin account, enter the credentials, and then click Log On.

The Kore SharePoint app is now associated with your domain Enterprise Admin account and all managed Kore users in your domain can access SharePoint files on the company SharePoint site after they enter their SharePoint user log on credentials.

Next Steps

You should test SharePoint file access using your Enterprise Admin account and at least one non-Enterprise Admin account to verify successful association of your Kore domain with your SharePoint server.