Change Managed Spaces to Unmanaged Spaces

You can use this procedure in the Enterprise Admin Console to change an existing managed space to an unmanaged space suspend a managed space. When a managed space is suspended, any pending user invitations to invited users are cancelled.

There are no restrictions on the number of spaces a managed user can create or own on an enterprise paid plan.

This topic describes how to unmanage or suspend a space, and if you are a space owner, to delete a space.

  1. In the Users & Spaces module, on the Managed Spaces tab on the Spaces page, select one or more managed spaces to change to an unmanaged space in your domain, and then in the Group Action drop-down list, select Unmanage or Suspend.
  2. Review the List of spaces to be Deleted section, and then click Continue.

    Note: If any of the selected spaces cannot be modified, for example, cannot deleted because you are not the space owner, the List of spaces NOT Ready to be Deleted is displayed.

  3. In the List of Spaces to take Actions section, select one of:
    • Unmanage
    • Suspend
    • Delete
    and then click Continue.
  4. In the Confirm Actions on Managed Spaces dialog, click Apply Actions.
  5. In the Confirmation dialog, click Close.

Warning: The Delete action operation is permanent and cannot be undone.

The managed space action is applied to the space and is no longer a managed space in your domain.