Working with Unmanaged Spaces

On the Unmanaged Spaces tab on the Users page in the Kore Users & Spaces module, you can review and, if desired, add an unmanaged space to your domain as a managed space that you can control.

Kore spaces are created by space owners in your domain, and those spaces are unmanaged spaces until you add the space as a managed space. When you add an unmanaged space to your domain as a managed space, all space members and the space owner are sent an email notification and become managed users in your domain. Any external users are billed as managed users.

About Billing

When you add unmanaged users or external users to your domain, the billing for each user is automatically and immediately added to your account. Your enterprise is billed for any users in a managed space until the user is changed to an unmanaged user or deleted as a managed user from your domain, or for external users, until the external user is no longer a member of any managed space in your domain. For more information, see Viewing Your Account Summary - Fixed Subscription or Viewing Your Account Summary - Online Billing.

Note: Unmanaged spaces cannot be controlled or removed from your domain.

The following illustration is an example of the Unmanaged Spaces tab in the Users & Spaces module on the Spaces page.

The following list describes the columns displayed for each Kore space.

Space Name The name of the unmanaged space.
Space Owner Email ID The email address of the space owner responsible for payment of the space account.
Members The total number of space members, including the space owner.
Plan Type The type of Kore plan for the spacer. One of:
  • Free - The space joined the Kore domain on a Free Kore plan.
  • Premium - The space is an unmanaged space on the Kore Premium plan.
  • Premium - Subscription - The space is an unmanaged space on the Kore Premium plan with a sales contract for a fixed number of user subscriptions.
Status Displays the status of the space. One of:
  • Active - The space is active and can be used by space members. The Status of an Active space can be changed only to Suspend or Unmanage.

  • Suspended - The space is suspended by an administrator. The space cannot be used by space members, however, messages can still be sent to the suspended space. The Status of a Suspended space can be changed only to Activate.

The list of entries in an admin console table can be very large depending on the size of your company, for example, a list of users or spaces. To find one or more specific users, groups, or spaces, in the Search field, enter at least three characters to begin find-as-you-type. For example, enter ra and any matching entries are displayed as shown in the following illustration.

Note: The number of search terms in a search query is unlimited, however, no more than the first 20 characters of each search term is used to return search results.

To view all entries, clear the search field, and then press the Enter key.

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Next Steps

You may need to manage your spaces in your domain, for example, to change a managed space to an unmanaged space, or to delete a managed space. For more information, see Working with Spaces.