Verify a Domain using a TXT Record

After you initially log on in as an Enterprise Admin, unless you have a sales contract with for fixed users subscriptions, you will not have access to any of the modules in the Enterprise Admin Console until you complete a one-time domain verification. This topic describes how to verify your domain using a TXT record.

You can also complete a domain verification using a <meta> tag added to your domain home page. For more information, see Verify a Domain using a <meta> Tag.

Complete the steps in the following procedure to verify your domain by adding a TXT record to your domain DNS settings.

  1. Log on to the Enterprise Admin Console at The Domain Management page is displayed, showing your domain as Pending Verification.
  2. In the row for your domain, click Begin Verification. The Domain Verification page is displayed.
  3. Select Add a TXT Record, and then click Next. The unique token for your domain is displayed along with the following information for your TXT record fields for your domain DNS settings:
  • Name/Host/Alias - Displays the Domain Name System (DNS) host name. In the domain's DNS settings enter @ or leave blank.
  • TTL - Time-to-Live (TTL) is the time, in seconds, after which a subsequent update made to a TXT record goes into effect. In the domain's DNS settings enter the recommended value of 3600.
  • Record Type - Displays the DNS record type. In the domain's DNS settings enter TXT.
  • Value -Displays a unique verification token. In the domain's DNS settings copy and paste this unique verification token to verify your domain, for example:
  1. On your domain web site, log on as an administrator, and then add and save the TXT record values (including the unique verification token) to your domain's DNS settings. You can click Check Now, however, it can take up to 24 hours before the change is publicly available to the Messaging Platform.
  2. After your domain DNS settings are updated, log on to the Enterprise Admin Console, click Check Verification Status. The Domain Verification Information page is displayed.

    Note: If the We are sorry! could not successfully verify the domain... message is displayed, see Troubleshooting your TXT Record Domain Verification.

When your domain is successfully verified, you should have access to all modules in the Enterprise Admin Console. For more information, see About the Enterprise Admin Console.