Verifying your Domain

To use messaging in your enterprise domain, you must first claim your domain, and then verify your domain. When you, as the Enterprise Admin verify your domain, you are validating that you own the domain and are registering your account to your domain. Until your domain is verified, you cannot control any Messenger users in your domain. This section describes how to claim your domain, and then initially verify your domain and to access your domain verification information on the Domain Management page in the Security module of the Enterprise Admin Console.

The following illustration is an example of an verified domain shown on the Domain Management page in the Security module.

The following table describes the columns and controls on the Domain Management page in the Security module.

Column Description
Domain Name Displays the enterprise domain name registered for the account.
Current Status Displays the status of verification as Verified.
  • Verified - The domain is verified successfully.
  • Pending - The domain is pending a verification.
  • Unverified - The domain was not verified. 
Action Click View Details to view the domain verification for a verified domain. 
  • View Details - View the domain verification information for a verified domain. 
  • Initiate Verification - After a verification type is selected and added. 

In This Section

This section provides links to articles that you can use to verify your domain and troubleshoot an unsuccessful domain verification attempt.

Next Steps

If you need to change your parent domain, you must contact Support.

If you have completed your domain verification successfully, you should start by becoming familiar with the Enterprise Admin Console. For more information, see About the Enterprise Admin Console.