Invite External Users to Join Your Space

If your space profile allows external users to join your Kore space, you can invite users outside of your domain to become space members by sending an invitation to join your space using the email address or mobile telephone number of the external user. Kore users in your company can be invited to join your space directly using their Kore accounts available on the Managed Users tab. For more information, see Invite Managed Users to Join Your Space.

  1. On the Invite tab in the Member Enrollment module, in the Space Admin Console, enter an email address or mobile telephone number for each external user to invite to your space.
  2. Optionally, click Add More to add five more fields.
  3. Click Send Invitations.

Invitation emails are sent to the selected users to enroll in Kore and the Invites sent successfully message is displayed at the top of the screen.