Remove a Space Member

As a Space Admin, you may need to remove space members from your space when they are no longer required to be in your space. This topic describes how to remove a current space member from your space.

Removing a space member does not affect the space member's account or status as a member in any other space.

Note: The option to remove a space member is only displayed on the Action bar after a space member is selected.

  1. On the Manage Members page in the Space Admin Console, select one or more space members to remove in the Member Name column.
  2. Click Remove Member(s). The Remove Space Member(s) dialog is displayed.
  3. Click Remove Member(s). The selected space members are removed from the space.

After you remove a space member, you can later add the user as a space member again if desired without having to invite the user back to the space. For more information, see Invite a Past Space Member.