Modify an Existing Custom Space Admin Role

By default, the Space Admin and space member roles are read-only and cannot be modified. Complete the steps in the following procedure to modify an existing custom space role.

  1. On the Roles & Permissions page in the Roles & Permissions module in the Kore Space Admin Console, in the Space Admin Role Name column, click the name of the Space Admin role that you want to modify. The Editing Space Admin Role - < Role Name > dialog is displayed.
  2. On the Name & Desc tab, in the Space Admin Role Name field, you can modify the name of the Space Admin role.
  3. Optionally, in the Description field, enter or modify the description for the Space Admin role.
  4. On the Permissions tab, select Assign or Revoke for the permissions that you want to add or remove from the custom Space Admin role. For more information, see About Custom Permissions.
  5. On the Applied To tab, select or clear one or more members in the Member Name column to apply the custom role to, and then click Save.

The Role Updated message is displayed and the Roles & Permissions page is displayed.