Upgrading From a Free Kore Plan using Online Billing

After you have used your Kore enterprise account for some time, you may decide that you want to experience the full set of features and user experience. You can switch to a Kore paid plan in the Billing module of the Enterprise Admin Console. This topic describes how to change your enterprise account from a Free Kore plan to a paid plan using online billing.

For unpaid Kore enterprise accounts, some modules and sub-modules are not enabled until you upgrade as shown in the following image where Message Management, Roles & Permissions, Message Control, Compliance and Analytics modules and other sub-modules such as Groups and Distribution Lists are not available to Kore Free accounts.

To change to a paid plan, you must select a Kore plan, decide on a payment method as monthly or annually, and then define your billing payment information. The following illustration is an example of the Account Summary page in the Billing module for a free Kore plan.

Complete the steps in the following procedure to change from a free Kore account to a paid Kore plan using online Billing.

  1. Select Switch to this plan for Premium.
  2. On the Purchase Subscription page, in the Subscriptions section, select one of:
    1. All current users - All users in your domain are upgraded to the selected plan.
    2. Just your admin account - Only your Enterprise Admin account is upgraded to the selected plan.
  3. In the Billing Period section, select one of the following payment methods:
    1. Billed Annually - One payment for a full year for the users selected in the previous step is charged to your payment method. The next subscription due date is one year after the payment date.
    2. Billed Monthly - One payment for a month for the users selected in the previous step is charged to your payment method. The next subscription due day is 30 days after the payment date.
  4. Click Proceed to Payment. The Purchase Subscription page is displayed.
  5. Enter credit card details, and then enter billing contact details, including a valid email address.
  6. Click Purchase.

The payment is applied immediately. To access new features, click Logout on the user menu and then log on to the Enterprise Admin Console.