Modify a Custom Admin Role

If you have already delegated administrative responsibility to other users and groups in your company using custom roles, you may want to add to or limit the privileges of those admins. This topic describes how to modify an existing custom admin role.

  1. On the Custom Roles page in the Roles & Permissions module, click an existing user admin role in the User Role Names column to modify.
  2. On the Common tab on the Update Admin Role dialog, you can modify the User Role Name and Description fields.
  3. On the Permissions tab, select Assign or Revoke to add or remove the permission for users or groups. For more information, see About Custom Permission Sets.

    Note: You must select Assign for at least one permission on the Permissions tab to save the role. 

  4. On the Applied To tab, click Assign Users to assign one or more new managed users to the role, or select one or more users in the Currently Applied Users column, and then click Remove to remove the users from that role.
  5. Click Assign Groups to assign one or more groups to the new role, or select one or more groups in the Currently Applied Groups column, and then click Remove to remove the groups from that role.
  6. Click Save.