Working with Managed Spaces

On Managed Spaces tab on the Spaces page, in the Kore Users & Spaces module in the Enterprise Admin Console, you can add new spaces, view existing spaces, suspend spaces, and if desired, unmanage a managed space. You can also view the number of members for each space, the type of space as a public or private space, and the current status of the space as active or suspended.

When you add an unmanaged space as managed space, any of your domain members in the unmanaged space that are unmanaged users are automatically added and billed as managed users. Any external users that are members of the unmanaged space are also billed as managed members when the space is added to your company as a managed space.

Note: Only Kore managed spaces are listed on the Managed Spaces page. For more information on adding unmanaged spaces as managed spaces, see Working with Unmanaged Spaces.

There are no restrictions on the number of spaces a managed user can create or own on an enterprise paid plan. The following illustration shows an example of the Managed Spaces tab on the Spaces page, in the Kore Users & Spaces module:

To sort the list of column values, click the Arrow Up  icon or Arrow Down  icon to the right of a column name. The following list describes the columns displayed in the admin console table.

The following table describes the columns in the Managed Spaces table.

Space Name Displays the name of managed space name and a thumbnail of the space profile image, if provided. By default, if an image in not provided by the Space Admin or space owner, the  icon is displayed. When you click a Space Name, the Space Admin Console is displayed. For more information, see About the Kore Space Admin Console.
Members The total number of space members, including the space owner, that are managed users or unmanaged users.
Description Displays the space charter that provides a description of the space, or for example, how the space should be used in the domain.
Type Displays the type of the space as a public or private space. A private space is not visible in a search for spaces.
Status Displays the status of the space. One of:
  • Active - The space is active and can be used by space members. The Status of an Active space can be changed only to Suspend or Unmanage.

  • Suspended - The space is suspended by an administrator. The space cannot be used by space members, however, messages can still be sent to the suspended space. The Status of a Suspended space can be changed only to Activate.

This section describes the commands available on the Action bar.

The list of entries in an admin console table can be very large depending on the size of your company, for example, a list of users or spaces. To find one or more specific users, groups, or spaces, in the Search field, enter at least three characters to begin find-as-you-type. For example, enter ra and any matching entries are displayed as shown in the following illustration.

Note: The number of search terms in a search query is unlimited, however, no more than the first 20 characters of each search term is used to return search results.

To view all entries, clear the search field, and then press the Enter key.


Click the Add new space  button to display the Create a new Space dialog. For more information, see Create a New Managed Space.

Select one or more managed spaces, and then in the drop-down list, select Unmanage or Suspend. For more information, see Change Managed Spaces to Unmanaged Spaces.

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After you add or unmanage spaces, you may need to view or modify your billing information in the Billing module. For more information, see Billing Module Overview.