What is Domain Verification?

When you are ready to expand Kore.ai to reach across a company, you can establish a Kore.ai Messenger account for your domain. As the Enterprise Admin for your domain, you can can invite Kore.ai Messenger users, decide which users you will manage, and perform many other important administrative tasks.

Kore.ai requires a domain verification before an Enterprise Admin takes control of the Kore.ai Messenger users in that domain for Free Kore.ai plans, and paid plans established using online upgrades. A domain verification is how Kore.ai knows that the Enterprise Admin actually has direct controlling access to the company domain, or at least knows somebody who does have controlling access.

For enterprise accounts with a Kore.ai sales contract with fixed user subscriptions, domain verification is optional, but recommended.

So Why Verify my Domain?

You must prove to Kore.ai that you own the domain. You wouldn't just want anyone to sign up and claim they are the owners of your company domain, now would you? After you verify your domain, you can be assured that all Kore.ai messaging such as chat or email, is securely controlled and accessed by only your Kore.ai Messenger users in your domain.

Claiming a Domain

To get started with Kore.ai messaging for you domain, you will need to claim your domain. First, create a free Kore.ai account at https://app.kore.ai/ using an email address from your enterprise domain. For a new account, you will have to verify your email address using the email verification sent to the enterprise email address you registered with. After you complete registration, and log on to Kore.ai Messenger, you can click Claim Domain located on the top navigation bar as shown in the following illustration.

After you log on, you can start the domain verification process when you click Begin Verification on the Domain Management page as shown in the following illustration.

How to Verify my Domain

Basically, for Kore.ai to verify that you are the domain owner, or at least have administrative control in that domain, Kore.ai provides a unique token that must added to your domain.

You, as the Kore.ai Enterprise Admin may not have administrative rights to make changes to your company domain. But don't worry, your system administrator or IT team will know exactly what to do.

When you first log on to the Enterprise Admin Console, Kore.ai provides you with a unique token for your domain. Just add, or have the system administrator or IT team add that token, using one of the following domain verification methods for Kore.ai:

  1. Add a .TXT record to your domain settings. For more information, see Verifying your Domain with a TXT Record.
  2. Add a <meta> tag to your web site home page. For more information, see Verifying your Domain with a <meta> Tag.

It's as easy as that!

Checking a Domain Verification

After you add a .TXT record or <meta> tag for domain verification, you will need to go back and check if the domain verification was successful. You can click Claim Domain located on the top navigation bar and then click Check Status. If the domain verification is successful, click Finish to end your session and close the Domain Verification dialog as shown in the following illustration.

Next Steps

Specific instructions for setting up domain verification are available in Enterprise Admin Console. Just log on to the Enterprise Admin Console, get the token, and send your IT team a copy of this article and your token. They'll know what to do!

After a successful domain verification, the Enterprise Admin has full administrative control of users, messaging, and billing for the domain.

For more information, contact Kore Support.