Getting Started for Enterprise Admins

Thank you for choosing to set up a Kore Enterprise Admin account for your domain. When you first sign up for your Enterprise Admin account, Kore checks your domain to ensure that a Primary Master Admin (Ent Admin) account does not already exist. If there is a Primary Master Admin (Ent Admin) account already available for your domain, the Primary Master Admin(Ent Admin) account owner is sent an email containing your user information with an invitation to join the domain.

Prerequisites for an Enterprise Admin 
To sign up for an Enterprise Admin account, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A valid email address for your domain.
  • A validated Kore user account. If you do not have a user account, Kore will create a user account for you, and you must validate that account before proceeding.

Note: Enterprise accounts with a Kore sales contract for fixed user subscriptions are not required to verify the domain described in the next step.

  • Authorization to control the Enterprise Admin account. Only one user in any domain can create an Enterprise Admin account and Kore will validate your authority to control this account by ensuring:
    • The domain does not already have a Primary Master Admin(Ent Admin) account.
    • The domain must be verified. Kore verifies a domain by requiring that either a TXT record or a <meta> tag containing a unique Kore token is hosted on your domain server.

Signing Up for an Enterprise Admin Account
At, You can Sign Up for Free or Get Started for the Kore plan that you want and then enter your email address for your domain as shown in the Kore Login dialog.



Enter your email address or cell phone number, and then click Continue. If you do not have a verified user account, the Create Account dialog is displayed and you must verify your new account using the activation email sent to the email address you registered for the user account.

If your user account is already verified, you are prompted to enter your user account password as shown in the following illustration.

Enter the password that you defined for you account, and then click Log in. The Welcome to Kore dialog is displayed as shown in the following image.

You may want to download the OS-specific client for the Kore Desktop app, or you can click CONTINUE to use the browser-based version of Kore Desktop web to access the Enterprise Admin console. To open the Enterprise Admin Console, in Kore Desktop app or Desktop web, click the Enterprise admin console  icon, shown in the following illustration.

When you enroll online as an Enterprise Admin, you are claiming the domain as yours and that you own that domain. For enterprise accounts with a Kore sales contract for fixed user subscriptions, your domain is already assigned to your account.

For security, you must re-enter your Enterprise Admin log on credentials, and then the Enterprise Admin Console Dashboard module is displayed. For more information, see About the Enterprise Admin Console Dashboard.

For enterprise accounts with a Kore sales contract for fixed user subscriptions, when you log on, depending on your paid Kore plan, for example, Free or Premium, some modules, for example, Analytics are unavailable. In the following illustration, all modules are enabled for the Premium plan.

Logging Off of the Enterprise Admin Console

When you are finished with your session with the Enterprise Admin Console, you should log off the console and close your session to keep your enterprise account secure. To log off, click on your user name, and then click Logout as shown in the following illustration.

If your Enterprise Admin Console session is idle for more than 15 minutes, your session is automatically terminated, and the next action in the session window will open the Kore web client instead. To start a new session, click the Enterprise admin console  icon and log on.

Verifying My Domain

For Free Kore plans, or paid Kore plans that you sign up for online, to get access to the modules in the Enterprise Admin Console, you must first verify your domain. Domain verification is how Kore ensures that your domain is a valid domain, and you, as the Enterprise Admin have rights and privileges within that domain. For more information, see What is Domain Verification?

If the Domain Management page is displayed as shown in the following illustration when you log on to the Enterprise Admin Console, you must complete the domain verification to continue. For more information, see Verifying Your Domain in the Security module.

Next Steps

After you are logged on to the Enterprise Admin Console, you probably want to start inviting and enrolling new users, and then adding enrolled users as managed users to your domain. For more information, see the Enrollment Module Overview.

To learn more about the other modules in the Enterprise Admin Console, see About the Kore Enterprise Admin Console.