View your Domain Verification Information

After you initially verify your domain, you can review detailed verification information when you complete the following procedure.

  • On the Domain Management page in the Security module of the Enterprise Admin Console, click View Details in the Action column for the domain that you want to view.

The Domain Verification Information page is displayed as shown in the following illustration.

The following tables describes the Domain Verification Information page fields.

Column Description
Domain Name (parent) Displays the enterprise domain name registered for the account. Account # Displays the enterprise account number assigned to your domain.
Verification Method Used                          Displays the type of verification method used. One of:
  • DNS_TXT - A verification token was used to validate the domain in a text record format. 
  • META_TAG - A verification token was used to validate the domain in a metadata tag format. 
Verified On Displays the date of successful domain verification. 
Comments  Displays the status of the verification as Verification successful

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