Basic Settings for an Action Task

After you select or create a Bot in Bot Builder, you can add a task to the Bot. For more information, see Creating a new Bot.

This topic describes how to configure the settings for the Basic Settings page, which is the first step in defining an action task. For more information about the process of creating a task, see About Action Tasks.

Task Creation - General Information

To begin creating a task in Bot Builder, in the YOUR BOTS section, you can click the Add Bot  icon to define a new Bot for your task, or click an existing Bot, and then click the Create Action Task  icon as shown in the following illustration. 

When you click the Create Action Task  icon, the General Information page is displayed as shown in the following illustration.

To describe your task, the basic steps are to define the task Sub TypeName, Short and Long Descriptions, upload screenshots, and then specify the search words for end-users.

The following table describes the fields on the Basic Settings page.

Field NameDescription
Connection Type Specifies the type of connection for your task. This field is read-only for action tasks, and set to Web Service.
Sub Type When the Connection Type is set to Webservice, specify the subtype for the connection. One of:
  • REST - The alert task uses a REST API connection.
  • SOAP - The alert task uses a SOAP API connection.
Name The name of the task displayed in the end-user interface. For example, if you enter Follow, this name is displayed as shown in the following illustration.

Short Description The short description displayed immediately below the task title in the user interface. For example, if you enter Follow a specific user on Twitter, it is displayed immediately below the task title as shown in the previous illustration. 
Long Description The long description of the task is displayed when the user clicks the task drop-down arrow or title in the user interface.
Screenshots Upload up to four images as screenshots of how your task works to display in the end-user interface. When the end-user clicks the task name, the Task Detail dialog is displayed along with the screenshot images.
Search Keywords Specify one or more tags for this task that end-users can define when searching for tasks in the end-user interface.

Next Steps

After you define your task, and then click Continue, you may need to set up authorization to access the Bot if authorization is required. For more information, see Setting Up Authentication for Tasks.

If authorization is not required, the next step is to define one or more request objects to get any data required for the task from the Bot. For more information, see Configuring the Action Task Request Object.