Kore Discounts/Credits

Kore offers a discount program for specific Kore plans where credits are added to the customer accounts to be applied as discounts to billing charges on a paid plan. All accrued credits do not expire unless mentioned otherwise.

There are two types of credits that are offered to our online Kore customers — Signup credits and Inactivity credits.

Note: Kore credits are not applicable to fixed subscription customers. For more information, see Fixed Subscription Plans.

Signup Credits

Signup credits are applicable for online customers who signup for a Teams account. Keep in mind, every Kore user can own two free teams! When you upgrade a team to a paid plan, you can use these signup credits as a discount to the billing charges.

Inactivity Credits

Kore understands that some online customers may not be active users. For each billing cycle, we will monitor user activity on a daily basis and then flag users that are inactive for a period of 15 consecutive days. These users are marked as inactive users and Kore credits are added back to the account. 

Note: Kore credits cannot be transferred or used in billing for another account.